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What You Need To Know To Use Subliminal Images Effectively

Subliminal images are unique pictures that can influence your subconscious and conscious mind when you gaze at them. They do appear in TV shows, movies, magazines and other media sources. In most cases, when such images are looked upon, they are not usually recognized for what they really are. In fact, your conscious mind may even try to ignore them. They may as well be beyond your level of conscious perception.

There are some real facts you need to know about subliminal images in order to use them effectively. In the first place, you need to understand how they really look like and also how they appear. Basically, such images can be in any form. They can be in the form of print adverts in the magazines. They can also be in the form of regular commercials meant for adverts in the TV. They can also be in the form of DVD images which you can easily watch. Whichever is the case, the best subliminal images you can use are the types that also have real messages and sounds that can influence your mental system. There are many of them out there in DVD forms. Some of them even appear only as messages or sounds in ordinary CDs.

Another fact you need to know about using the subliminal images is how they influence the human mental system. Basically, the images are first of all perceived by the unconscious or subconscious mind. At first, your conscious mind doesn't have enough time to recognize or analyze such images. When you first notice a subliminal image, your conscious mind can easily ignore it without having anything to do with it. In the process of ignoring the image, your subconscious mind has already picked it without your knowledge.

 Oftentimes, there's always a clear impression the image will make deep down in your unconscious mind. Later on, this impression will come up to influence your conscious mind especially when you least expect. Here's a typical example. There are some subliminal images used as adverts in the TV. When you first observe them, your conscious mind can easily ignore them as nothing to be thought about. However, when such images keep re-appearing on daily basis maybe during news or advert sessions, your subconscious mind will be picking the impressions without you knowing it. Later on, such impressions will begin to have serious influence on your conscious thoughts. You might even wake up one day to see yourself repeating the sounds or wordings used in the adverts. The above scenario is exactly what happens when you make use of subliminal images or messages designed to help you achieve a sound and healthy mental system.
Again, you need to discover the best two methods you can engage in using subliminal images. You can either use the visual or audio methods. The visual method involves the use of the subliminal images in the software form while the audio method involves the use of the subliminal messages on CD's. You can always grab them from bookstores or reliable sources online. You can always enhance your mental system effectively when you use the subliminal images accordingly.

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3 Quotes That Make Self-Improvement 'Simple'

How to improve oneself?
Well, it could be as simple as reading this self-improvement article, but I seriously doubt it.
It could be as simple as listening (and watching) how others do it, but you know better than just to rely on the actions of others don't you.
Or it could be taking right action, relentlessly so...
Or it could be a combination of all of the above, taking right actions as guided to do so by those who have done similarly, but always remembering to rely on your judgment.
This article will attempt to prove the case for the last option - taking the right sorts of actions, right for you that is. And I include 3 self-improvement quotes to help make that case...

Self-Improvement Quote #1:

"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy."
-- Oliver Goldsmith
Learning from others is pretty much how we learn to do most things as a child, I'm sure you'll agree. And when we become a teenager the influence of our peers is not far away. And then adulthood hits us, and we know all we need to know to do life 'our way'.
Except we don't. What we really know is that some parts of 'life' come easier for us than others; that maintaining successful relationships can be frustrating; and that the 'life skills' class seems to a never-ending one whose lessons get harder and harder.
Truth is, we can bumble along in life, blaming others for our failures and taking sole praise for our successes, or we can realise that it is ALWAYS useful to find a mentor or two to model ourselves on.
The mentor could be a family member or a friend or even a famous faraway type. But some kind of role model is always useful to be guided by, when it comes to developing certain aspects of our self.
Else you might find yourself seriously stuck in life, and making the same mistakes over and over again...

Inspirational Quote #2:

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for."
-- Socrates
Sometimes it's okay to learn from so-called self-help 'gurus'. Some of these people have struggled a great deal in life so that they now come to an understanding of how much easier life is when you take X action and have Y attitude.
These learned men and women understand themselves really well, and (usually) have a good way of explaining their reality so that it becomes your reality.
Then their journey, which might have taken a lifetime, can help shorten your own journey, as long - of course - as you DO what these people suggest you do, trusting your judgemental as you do so...
Self-Improvement Quote #3:

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
-- Confucius
If you don't take actions, even the opposite actions to what some 'guru' suggests you take, then you're going nowhere in your journey of life - nowhere, slow. Development and growth can ONLY occur by your taking actions, preferably right actions.
So you put into practice what your mentor suggests; you do what the self-help guru urges you to do, also; and then, then you see how it works out in your life, and adjust accordingly.

As long as you take right actions, and reflect on how it actually works for you, then you'll grow as a human being... guaranteed!
And if you find that some of these so-called 'right actions' don't actually work then even better. Just as long as you know what DOES work for you, you can maybe become a self-help guru of your own and then come full circle and end up helping others shorten their life-journeys too.

And you can find many other self improvement ideas, contributed by many, beginning at this page - http://www.selfhelpcollective.com/self-improvement-ideas.html
From Steve M Nash - Editor of SelfHelpCollective.com

Why Become a Life Coach?

Why do people become Life Coaches? What is the pull? Well there are many reasons why people seek to coach others. There are many reasons, some that will work and enable you to go on and become an effective coach and there are also reasons that will mean you will be doomed to failure. So lets explore both sides of this coin.

Most would say it is a desire to help others that is behind their wish to become a Life Coach. To feel that they have facilitated a change in another person's life is immensely rewarding and gratifying. The pertinent point here is to explore your motives behind the initial view of wanting to help others. Is it that you feel you are somehow better than others? or that you have the answers where others do not? I suggest to you if these are your motives then you will never succeed as a Life Coach for those reasons contradict the very essence of what Life Coaching is all about.

Some desire to be a Coach because they believe it is a way to earn a great income; and so it is. However, if your sole motive is to make money out of other people then that is a motive that will lead to disaster for you. People will see through your facade of wanting to help them and see the real truth that you just want their money.

Neither of these motivations will lead to effective coaching or a successful business. So what will?
Lets look at what motivations will lead to becoming a successful and effective Coach. Lets explore the real rewards of being an outstanding Coach. By rewards I mean the emotional satisfaction and joy in seeing others succeed through our help and not the material gains that come with it. Of course material gain is a part of it, in the concept of fair exchange we pay others for their service to us. This is the nature of life. Someone gives us something and we pay for it. With coaching it so happens that the service we give has life changing consequences for our clients of enormous proportions. What price total freedom? What price releasing the shackles of years that have held us back? What price being able to achieve that long held dream?

The very essence of Coaching is to help others see for themselves that which they have been unable to see on their own. For often when we are in trouble or have lived for years or even decades, with a mind-set that does not serve us, that somehow we are unworthy of wealth or success, we are so embedded in these negative beliefs about ourselves that it can be almost impossible to change that perspective without outside help.

Sometimes we are so "programmed" by life to expect the worse that we can not possible believe that we are able to set up our own business or go for that top paying promotion or new job.

This is where the real magic of Coaching occurs. By helping others to realise and see just what magnificence they have within themselves that they can achieve anything they want in life. This magic can only ever really happen when we are so far along our own personal growth paths that we can truly relish the success of others. When our motivations come from a genuine desire to see others succeed. When we are able to value and appreciate others for the people they are and have no desire to impose our own values onto them, rather to help them identify and live according to what is most important to them. Irrespective of whether their choices coincide with our own or not. These are the skills of the best coaches. These are the motivations of the successful Coaches.

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ABC of Expat Woman's Life: B - Being an Expat Woman

What does it take to be an expat? And in particular an expat woman? In the past 7 years of my expat life I have come across many different definitions of who I was and what I was doing: international woman, expat woman, expat spouse, trailing spouse.
The first one international woman sounds quite neutral. To me it simply means a woman who has an international life or career. It could also mean that you live in your home country but travel for your work abroad for example.

The next one sounds already a bit more exotic: an expat woman. A few years ago when I moved to the Netherlands I did not considered myself being an expat woman. Although I was living and working abroad, I did have a 'local' husband and friends. I did not participate in the social international community either. After a couple of years this changed, as my husband got a project in Mexico City and we decided to move with the whole family there. And there it happened, my label of 'international woman' was replaced by a new one 'expat spouse'. When browsing on the Internet I came across the distinction in the definition of the two.

The distinction being whether you have your own career or not. So there I was suddenly 'downgraded' from a woman to a spouse. As a decent 'expat spouse' I had of course a cook, a nanny, a housekeeper and even a driver. All the attributes of an expat spouse! I was enjoying all social gatherings there were to enjoy: mornings for mothers and kids, knitting afternoons with local women, drinks with the 'Dutchies', lunches with other expat spouses, book clubs, yoga lessons. You name it, I have been there and have done it. Life was fun! So when did I turn into a 'trailing spouse' than? And who has ever invented such a name! A trailing spouse sounds very passive to me. It sounds like you really do not choose for a life of your own but that you simply have to follow your husband and his career, whether you like it or not.
It even sounds like there is a resistance, to be on a trail means that you are being pulled by someone else.

You do not take part in making a decision, you do not have your own will, you are just being pulled by your husband. To even make it worse you are not even a woman but you turned into a spouse. All your other roles such as being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, or colleague have been swiped away. How unfair is that? It is true that some of us do decide to put their own career on hold in order to support the career of their husband, but that does not mean we are deprived of all other attributes of being a woman, simply because we decide not to work for sometime! It is most of the time a woman who is in charge of building again a new nest for the whole family, starting a new social life, making sure kids feel safe and secure in their new environment. Furthermore, you have a life of your own to re-start with making new friends, deciding to find a new job or starting a entirely new career or study. It sounds to me like so much more than just being a spouse. Most of us give of course support to their hard working partners but that is one of our roles and not the only one.

Do not let yourself be locked (by yourself or others) in one of the drawers labeled 'trailing spouse'. As an exercise you can write down your name in the middle of the sheet of paper. Then write down on the same sheet of paper, around your name all your roles that you fulfil at the moment. Circle them and draw a line from your name to the role. See now how many important roles you are having.

About the author:
My name is Dorota Klop-Sowinska and I am an expat coach / counselor. During the past seven years I have experienced and enjoyed an expat life from all possible angles. I was a women with a busy international career living in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband. I was a mother experiencing the motherhood in the Netherlands when my daughter was born. I was an expat wife enjoying life in Mexico, where I have followed my husband's career. I was an expat woman starting my own career in Brazil (and supporting the career of my husband). Now I am an entrepreneur who is running her business in the Netherlands. Thanks to all those roles I can easily connect and fully understand women who are living abroad for various reasons or going through big changes in their lives. I have been there, I have seen it, I have done it!

I am the owner of DoSo! Coaching & Counseling http://www.dosocoaching.com/ which focuses on international women living abroad. I coach them in order for the to have successful & fulfilled life abroad both professionally & privately.
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Personal Transformation With Communication Seminars

A lot of people know how to talk, but only few know how to really communicate with others. It might seem like a play on words, but a huge difference exists between these verbs: the former is defined as an act with the goal of "simply expressing something in words," while the latter is defined as being an action that "conveys knowledge, information, or a feeling that is satisfactorily received or understood" by the other party. Some people are naturally good communicators. However, for most people, it's a skill that must be learned, developed, and honed. One way to effectively do this is by attending and participating in communication seminars.
The Goal of Communication Seminars
Communication seminars are conducted to help individuals overcome their difficulties in speaking so that they will be able to know how to communicate effectively with their peers. The facilitators of such seminars are often presenters who have experienced similar problems themselves. Because of this, they are able to understand the needs of the participants better and can offer guidance that can really be applied in various real-life situations.
Effective Communication with Communication Seminars
Contrary to what a lot of people think, CS (Communication Seminars) aren't just for public figures or those who are into public speaking. Anyone who has trouble relating to others or communicating with their peers can benefit from these seminars. Aside from lectures on effective communication, other activities include:
Interactive workshopsFoundational seminarsInterpersonal exploration sessionsIntrapersonal exploration sessionsSpeaking exercises
Transformative Communication with Communication Seminars
Transformative communication is a process of communication that can:
Challenge peopleEmpower and inspire individualsChange the beliefs or behaviors of othersBuild confidence in others
It is a powerful cultural tool that, when mastered, can be used to inspire movements and call for changes in individuals or in groups of people that are for the common good. Aside from being able to empower others, the process also transforms the speaker to become a better individual as well.
Intrapersonal Exploration with Communication Seminars
In order to become a good communicator, a person must have self-confidence and should believe in what he or she is talking about. "Intrapersonal exploration is a huge aspect in CS. During these sessions, an individual is motivated to dig deep and seek out what could be blocking the path to effective communication. These blocks may range from the subtle to the obvious; therefore, it is the goal of CS to allow the person to discover what is standing in the way of being able to communicate, and thus effectively relate with other people.
Interpersonal Exploration with Communication Seminars
Once the personal barriers are out of the way, it is time to develop the individual's interpersonal relations and communication skills. During this period, the sessions, seminars, workshops, and exercises are aimed to help the individual to:
Be able to empathize with other peopleDevelop relational skills towards their peersPractice communicating with other individualsApply techniques for effective communicationUtilize powerful communication strategies
Can You Benefit from Communication Seminars?
A person in any field can benefit from communication seminars. Do a bit of research and find one through Google today!
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Heroes and Loving Yourself

Heroes are not more brave than the next person. They love themselves, feel confident and live with faith in their own ability and in a Higher Power. Those factors allow them to act even when they feel fear or uncertainty.
When you examine the lives of people celebrated as heroes you find they acted as they did because for them, in that moment, they chose to take certain steps that others failed to do. They did not stop to think it over. They took immediate action to remedy a situation: to help someone in need or to move themselves to a new and better place.
Rarely do those whom we admire see their actions or, in many cases how they live their challenging lives every day, as doing anything other than what they needed to do.
After the brain injury left me struggling to make it through each day, many people told me how courageous I was. You know what? I made a choice to move forward with my life, no matter how hard it was, and grow and make my life count. I decided to make a difference for others despite the effort it took until I finally healed.
For me the choice was watch life go by (as millions of people do every year who suffer the same type of injury and functioning impairment) or jump in and figure out how to live every day to the fullest.
I saw no acceptable alternative.
When you know your purpose in the moment or in the daily stream, nothing stops you from doing whatever it takes to fulfill what you came here to do!
I never thought about it before. By making the choice I did what actually happened is I lived my life as if I was normal and fully functioning. In other words, without consciously making the decision to do so, I "acted as if" all was the way I desired my life to be.
See? It works!
I had not even heard of that concept at that time. The whole world that exists beyond what our five senses can detect was a compete unknown to me then-well, unknown to my conscious mind, anyway. Clearly my Spirit guided me back then-always does. I guess I started paying attention to the messages back then without knowing what I was doing.
I write to see what I am thinking. Right now I see a major breakthrough appearing in my reality.
What a huge gift!
Ah! But wait. Here is more.
Ever since I healed, I found myself very impatient with people who choose to stay stuck. You find those people in support groups-but not to get them through a trauma. I am talking about those who choose to stay focused on and therefore limited in life by what happened to them. Many build their identity on aligning with their label--be it, abuse survivor or the victim of some disease, etc.
I saw that truth n the brain injury support group I was in back in 1996. When I figured out how to heal and offered what I discovered and applied to the group not one person asked for help. Not one.
All these years I judged those people for choosing to use whatever trauma they endured as an excuse to not participate in or take responsibility for themselves. Let me tell you, when your functioning is severely impaired you have one great excuse for not taking responsibility for anything.
In this moment I just awakened to the fact that each of us walks our own unique path and it just is not possible to know the Spiritual path of another individual. Each of us is exactly where we need to be at any given moment.
I knew that in my head. Now I live it in my heart.
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