Kamis, 29 September 2011

Get Whatever You Want

"If only I had more money." A thought people have all too often is what it comes down to. I should know. So many times we get caught up in what we don't have; the money, the time, the skills, the education, the support, the tools, etc. If you jammed all of those "I don't haves" into one group, you would have what you call, excuses. That's all they are. Think about it for a moment. Think about what has ever in your life stopped you from doing something that you wanted to do? It will always be an excuse not to get what you want. We often get stopped right in our tracks too easily due to excuses. These are the excuses that either we've adapted from our surroundings growing up, or from ourselves and lack of knowledge. That is just how society has conformed us to program. When we reach a roadblock or a difficulty, we immediately point the blame towards someone or something. Most times, amazingly, we put the blame on ourselves. One negative thought will even lead to another!

For example, let's say you wanted to start a business, or dreamed of having your own. Even many business owners will admit that they had struggles getting to where they are. Typically, if you don't have the tools, the skills, the support, the money, or the time, then the thought of you starting and owning your own business will fleet just as fast as it came. Why? Simply because all of the things you knew you needed in order to even plan for it to be a reality, you did not have. Therefore, you immediately were convinced that you weren't capable. You might go from thinking you don't have the time. Then you think about making the time, and possibly cutting your hours at work. Fearfully, then you realize you don't have enough money to do such a thing.

Just as easy as the invigorating thought of owning your own business came into your mind, within five minutes you've thought of a million and one ways (excuses) for why you couldn't do it. You even convince yourself further, as if the excuses weren't enough, and rationalize why a business isn't for you by looking at how others have failed. How ridiculous is it for anyone to look at someone else's failure and determine it to be their own? Very. However, this is the type of thinking that goes on in our own minds, not to mention the minds of others around us. These are often the type of responses that people give themselves too quickly. Even when they are dreamy enough to support themselves and their dreams in the beginning, they quickly allow themselves to fall to the norm because of what others may think or tell them. How will you ever know the fruits of your own potential if you never take the action to plant the seeds?

"If only...." All to often we get to a place where we repeat this in our lives over and over until, "If only..." becomes the story of our lives and our lives are full of excuses. That is not the way you will live a fulfilled life. On the other hand, it's how you will look up one day and find your life to be full of regrets and stubborn desires that you never let loose. Why is it that others succeed at something that you "would like" to do, but you can't? My assumption is that it's not because they didn't have to say "If only..." due to having everything to begin with, but rather they chose not to say it. Instead, they created their own story...you know...the one that makes them happy. They are the people who decide what they want and make that the end of the story (that they get what they want). So instead of saying, "If only I had more money" or "If only I had more support", they might say, "how can I get more money" or "where can I get more support" and proceed to find it. Then as they climb the ladder of their plans, they simply get what they planned for! Lucky? I think not.

Not to say that every venture will only take you a day to complete it or that it's that easy. Depending on what you want and where you are starting from, it could take you a day or years to find accomplishment. The point is that you find what you want out of life and know that your chances of getting it are only possible without excuses. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "No one ever said life would be easy." No one ever said life had to be all dissatisfaction either. Fix your mind to bend from what society has conditioned you to believe and start believing what makes you feel treasured and satisfied. You might find that there are things you want out of life that would give you great satisfaction if you just got rid of some common-folk excuses and made plans to own them. Letting go and avoiding excuses is part of the formula for getting whatever you want.

Next time you start to say, "If only...", instead think of a "What if..." What if you went for what you wanted regardless of how much time it would take? What if it came out to be easier than you thought? What if you could end up changing the world? What if you could just end up changing your family and generations to come? What if you felt, looked, and acted better because of it?.....Better yet..... What IF there was no one going after their dreams? What kind of world would this be? What if there were no Oprahs, Donald Trumps, Joel Osteens, FloJos, Mark Zuckerbergs, or Barack Obamas? What if there were no charitable organizations? What if there were no gas station, coffee shop, fashion store, or grocery store owners? What if there were no writers or radio show hosts. What if there were no good cooks? Think about the people that inspire you and the things you love to do. Chances are, there's a person behind it all who didn't make excuses for what they wanted to do. I'd rather fail a hundred times and win once than to wonder, "What if..."
Go for getting whatever you want regardless of what your past negative thoughts have told you. Go for what you want regardless of what others think or say. Go for what you want because you only live one life (for all we know!). Go for what you want for the extraordinarily simple fact that if you don't, then you will never get it.

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Senin, 26 September 2011

Sure Things in Life - Beyond Death and Taxes

Stuff I'm Sure About
Benjamin Franklin once famously remarked "In this life nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes."
Most of us, I suspect, will agree with old Ben. The times we live in are awash in uncertainties. We find ourselves in the eye of a technology revolution that is changing the world around us at dizzying speed. How do we stay grounded when everything around us is in flux?

The very institutions that used to provide stability to our lives, family, and church are in the throes of change. Added to our woes is an economy in crisis, high unemployment, yada,yada,yada. Man! I can't stand it.
Ben Franklin's way of coping with change in his day was a wry sense of humor and a quote that has endeared him to us even to today. Yea, Ben, your are right. There are few things certain in life but, with due respect, there are more than two items on the short list, items that we can hold on to and provide a sense of equanimity to our frazzled hearts and minds.
Here's my top six, my sure things in life. And first on the list is

I am sure that there is no force more powerful in the world than the power of love. The love of a mom for her baby, a soldier for his country, the love of a saint for her God, the committed love of a spouse for her mate. Yes, I am sure that this kind of love, not only exists, but rules the world.

I am sure that every living thing is connected. What one person does affects every thing else. The butterfly effect, so called because the smallest of actions can cause major effects, is for me one of the certainties on which I base my life.

What we have is today. Nobody can take that from us. The past is a memory; the future a guess. But, by gosh, we do have today.

I am sure that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a baby's smile or the innocent laughter of children.

I am sure that no person is so far gone that he can't be redeemed by our compassion and forgiveness.

Finally, I am certain that each one of us has a purpose, a role to play in life that we alone can play.
Those are my top six. May I suggest that you take it upon yourself to expand on old Ben's tongue in cheek list. Make your own list of stuff you can be certain about, things and values that make life worth celebrating. I guarantee that your list will beat the hell our of death and taxes.

The author, Hank Mattimore, is the author of "Grandpa To a Children's Village." He is a surrogate grandpa to twenty-four abused or neglected foster children living at The Children's Village in California.

Minggu, 25 September 2011

Happiness Stems From Within

To see or not to see that is the simple answer of how to be happy. So what do you see?
What do you see when you look out of the window to the world around you?
What do you see when you take a walk down your local street and neighbourhood?
I wonder if you see the joy, the love, the bright fresh colours and the magic of creation of mother earth. People bustling happy and peaceful focussed on the things they want to do today. Light souls learning and experiencing, absorbing all there is to absorb.
Or do you see a mass of stressed out, frustrated, angry and rushed people moving about erratically minding their own businesses closed to the fact that they are connected to all they see, hear and feel.

When it rains do you see a grey sky, coldness in the air, the sound of water falling heavily on the ground? Do you feel a sense of regret and loss for the previous day's sunshine or do you see the freshness of the green plants and trees as they become bathed in this cooling, nourishing, life-giving liquid? Do you feel cleansed and blessed when the raindrops settle on you, or rather do you feel irritated at the inconvenience of the weather, and focus on all that you cannot do? Do you taste the wetness of rain on your skin and smell the air awash with cleanness?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could choose to hear, feel and see only the beauty and the love that is in and surrounds each and every one of us all of the time?
Well you can
In our brain we have a cluster of nerve cells known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS.) These cells act like filters for what we choose to perceive about our world around us. As individuals we all have our own unique way of filtering for information that is in our reality of the world.

You have the power to choose whether you want to filter out the negative unhappiness you sometimes experience and only notice the positives beauty and love in people and yourself, wonderful opportunities and the amazing qualities that make up life. Or whether you choose to hear, feel and see only problems and negativity around you.
Your choice is not set in stone and you can change it whenever you choose. By making an intention to look for the good and love in all you see, feel and hear, you will find it and this will in turn attract more happiness to you. The famous quote 'Seek and you shall find,' in my opinion, relates exactly to this.
What would be a better way of looking at everything, everyone and particularly yourself to bring more love, joy and happiness into your world today?

There is much love in and around all of us, maybe it is time to remove your blinkers and acknowledge it within you. After all the choice is yours...
So what do you see, feel or hear now as you once again look out of your window?
Julie-Ann Blackmore is based in Bath, UK and runs her own business called How To Be You specializing in bringing improvements in health, wealth and happiness to her clients and customers. She combines years of experience, training and modern day practice with her innate psychic intuition and creativity to offer tailor made products and services. For further information on products and services available such as self help e books, abstract art, inspirational cards, women's fashion, intuitive guidance, inspirational and healing talks please visit her temporary website http://www.howtobeyou.wordpress.com/ To contact her via email howtobeyou@hotmail.com for requests of help

Jumat, 23 September 2011

3 Keys to How You Can Be Happy and Successful

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit. It's something we all strive for and yet to achieve full and lasting happiness seems elusive even for the most successful people among us.
Some people have even suggested that to become successful you need to first be unhappy, after all if you were happy where you were why would you try to get more? There is some truth to that, but I take a different view.
I say that if you can be happy in the pursuit of success then you can have both happiness and success.
How can this be accomplished? How can you be both happy and successful? Here are 3 key things you must do:
1. Try to find success in something you love
In order to be happy in the pursuit of success then its vitally important that whatever it is you try to be successful at be something you love to do. The reason is that if you love to do it you'll be able to work longer and harder at it, and you'll be happy while your doing it. Gaining success from it is just a bonus. Some people have called this follow your bliss or follow your heart.
2. Celebrate each step
Take time to celebrate all of the little victories. Just made your first dollar? Celebrate. Just got your 100th client? Celebrate. Celebrating mini-milestones is key to being both happy and successful. This is because of course celebrating is fun in and of itself and because it is an important psychological tool which lets your subconscious know you're making it. Its also important because it shows you progress is being made towards your goals. It lets you reflect on where you've came from and where you are now.
3. Laugh at and embrace failure
Everyone who has ever succeeded at anything has failed countless times before their success finally came. Once you accept and embrace that fact then failure becomes something entirely different. Failure is simply Gods way of telling you that your on the wrong track. So when you fail laugh at Gods humor and make sure to learn the lesson that the universe is trying to teach you. Then move on, adapt and overcome. You will fail again, but you will learn something again. Eventually, if everything works out then your eventual reward will be the achievement of your goal.
I know you can do it... now get started!
Brian is the creator of the site. Check out his site and especially his research on happiness and success.