Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Make Your Environment

I've learned in the past four years of living in LA, that you are who you surround yourself with, and you tend to attract the same circumstances those around you do.

For example, If your goal is to be a working actor in LA, you should befriend and hang out with working actors who are consistently going on auditions and booking gigs. There is only so much you can learn or offer someone that is not actively working in an industry that you want to pursue. Associating yourself with the "working" people of Los Angeles is imperative to your growth and development. You have to understand how your respective industry works. The only was is to surround yourself with those that have a hands on knowledge of it.

I've seen too many talented and driven people move to Los Angeles and lose their way (I was one of them), because the people they choose to hang around are not "go-getters." They say they want to do this and that, but never follow through, and eventually become bitter about the Los Angeles entertainment industry as a whole. That negative energy is extremely contagious and will eventually infect you and your outlook on LA.

It's smart for you to find like minded people who are eager to succeed in LA. These are the people that will challenge you and make you a better person. There are numerous resources in Los Angeles that can help you meet and befriend some great people.
How do I create my environment?

Meetup.com - This is an awesome place to meet like-minded people. There are hundreds, if not thousands of meetups all over LA. Find the right one that aligns with your goals and attend.

LA Actors Tweet up- Are you an actor? The LA Actors Tweet up is held on a quarterly basis for actors that are interested in networking. It is a great place to introduce yourself to the LA acting scene.
Grub With Us- Is a website that schedules dining events throughout Los Angeles. They offer numerous locations to dine at. From Mexican to Asian cuisine. You pay between $20 to $30 depending on the restaurant location and have dinner with interesting people of Los Angeles. It's a great way to meet people over dinner.
Lets Lunch- Similar to Grub With us but slightly cheaper.

These are a few great places to meet great people in LA. Remember, to surround yourself with those you aspire to be. Now get to work!
Eugene is a writer for ImMovingtoLA.com. You can check out more of his writings there about living in LA along with other tips and advice.

Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Everything You Want In Life Is As Simple As Saying Yes More Often

In fact, it's kind of funny I'm writing this because several months ago the actor Jim Carrey was in a movie called Yes, which was about a man that used to always say no to everything, and he changed his life by having to say yes to everything, which led him to a greater more fulfilling life.

There's a lot of truth in that movie. I would challenge you to start saying yes to more things in your life. I think by you starting to say yes more you'll start to invite more into your life.
Here's why YOU were not born with the ability to CREATE. For example, you're not ever going to be able to sit at home and have little thoughts of you saying to yourself, "I am rich," and watch hundred dollar bills rain out from the sky.
Curious-have you ever walked down into your basement and created money? Damn! Neither have I.
But, damn it would be fun. wink wink
By saying yes to more things, you'll invite people into your life that already have what you want.
The WORD YES is what will start to create change in your life. It's the ability to open your mind and see what's possible if you allow people to enter your life.

I have a friend here in Denver and I hope he reads this, his name is Reggie. He used to give me a hard time for going to seminars and learning from "GURUS."
I would travel across country even if I didn't have 5 BUCKS to my name, but I simply just said yes.
If Reggie only knew that the people I would later meet opened my life to huge possibility. By me saying yes to going and never letting current circumstances get in my way, I met the people that would push and assist me to the level I'm headed now.
So glad I said YES to so many things.
You hear people talk about, "Everything you want is already around you." To me this is what they mean, you really do have so much wealth already around.

Other people conditioned you to work for less than a million. Other people's EGO taught you that there wasn't enough money for everyone and somehow being $20k in credit card debt in some perverted way was common and normal.
blah that!

You must now learn to change tides, SAY YES MORE, and begin the journey of reconditioning yourself NOW, and it's going to be a process let me tell you, but I'm Brian Zimmerman and in this journey fighting with you.
Brian Zimmerman is a top leader in the home business industry. He is known for developing top producers and leaders. His last venture he assisted top infomercial company increase profits by over 300% in less than a year earning well over 1.5 million a week. To schedule an interview with Mr. Zimmerman call 1 720 230 6773. For information on his latest endeavor go to http://www.brianezimmerman.com/

Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Anger and Forgiveness - Two Powerful Emotions

When you experience anger, how does it affect your emotions? The definition of anger is: A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility. When you forgive, how does that affect your emotions? The definition of forgiveness is: To cease to feel resentment against another; to pardon.
Once I began to pay attention to how physically and emotionally anger affected me this is what I discovered. I would get so worked up that I would begin to feel life being drained from within me and physically every expression from my face right down my entire body changed! I was not always tuned into these feelings at the time I experienced anger, but once I did, it altered the way I began to handle the emotion of anger and it was an immediate change within me.
Acknowledge the emotion of anger
Anger is a barrier/ ill will towards another repels gifts that the Universe wants to give to you. A lot of healing is done when you are able to acknowledge the anger, deal with it; forgive and move forward. Anger is a real emotion and through life it is one that will have to be dealt with. Forgiveness is a must also.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21.
Words and thoughts are very potent because this is what the Universe hears... What you speak and what you think is what you receive. Thought is energy and thoughts change the balance of energy around us, and that brings changes into our lives. You can see how this will affect whether the change that it brings about is positive (forgiveness) or negative (anger).
Often times we spend so much time and energy on being angry. Anger is like poison to our bodies in that we spend so much time on being angry, it drains us of the positives that we should be focusing on. Anger is slowly replacing the positives with all negatives and that can destroy us. You cannot change anyone else, only your thoughts can change you. So it's like our own arsenic and lace. We think we are hurting the one we feel has wronged us, waiting for them to "die" if you will, when the one who is hurting and "dying" is US! They don't even know what we're quote unquote "trying" to do to them!
From time to time we all experience anger. The key is to address it when it happens so we are able to release it and get back into that state of feeling good allowing the blessings to flow in our lives.
We must release any negative feelings or thoughts that are unresolved. WE MUST FORGIVE... Forgiveness is such an important step in our healing. Sometimes after I have sincerely forgiven someone, out of thin air a negative thought about that person may enter into my mind. I have trained myself when this happens to immediately begin to lift up positive thoughts for that individual.
For example: I might say something like, "I wish you a great day filled with love and joy." I will repeat my offering (prayer) for that person over and over until I experience peace in my heart leaving me feeling good once again. With Law of Attraction, you get the essence of what you think about. If your focus/ your feelings are negative, that is what you will be attracting.
It genuinely feels good to release negative thoughts and keep your mind focused on the positives that are in your life and the blessings that God brings to you on a daily basis.
Alice Hocker invites you to join in and share your thoughts at http://abundantlivingeveryday.com/
Living life in abundance feels so very good. You can live this life everyday! My desire is that you acquire the "super-conscious level" of living because it will change everything in your life... You will see EVERYTHING in a new and refreshing way!
With that said, add your comments... Let's get this party started!!! Your comments will be the music we need to dance to.... http://abundantlivingeveryday.com/
I look forward to hearing from you!
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Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

How to Learn to Let Things Go

When I talk with people about the idea of making the rest of your life the best, whether through changes in work or doing something new and different in their free time, I always get an enthusiastic response. It is when the conversation moves onto the part about actually doing it that attitudes become less "can do!"
Not surprisingly people raise some very practical considerations about making big changes in life - with obvious concerns being financial issues and time commitments. A far less obvious concern, but one that does ultimately reveal itself as a major factor, is a reluctance to let go - to let go of things from the past and to move on.
To be fair it is something which I have not been good at, and it took a recent event to point this out to me.
I finally sold the old Lexus 300. There were of course several sensible reasons why I should: Expensive to run, and with a home based business these days, not much of that expense was allowable to tax. Awkward to park, I never mastered it. Hopeless on snow covered roads, now a regular feature of our winter.
Yet all these reasons were suddenly questioned the day the old boy was traded in for a used but un-abused VW Golf. An unexpected moment of sentimentality came over me as I thought about losing some of its comforts and indulgences. But more than this, it was the thought that I was giving up my symbol of success, my big executive car.
Just how big an issue this was, or how it connected with a 20 year old grudge only fully emerged a few days later. By now I was happily enjoying the benefits of the Golf. It is easy to park. The fuel gauge needle does not plummet to empty. But it was when a business colleague said "You have come down in the world a bit" that I discovered the biggest benefit. His comment triggered memories of redundancy 20 years ago. Of the blow at losing a big job with all the disappointments that meant. He caused me to see that the Lexus was my way of denying all this, and dwelling unwittingly in the past. Suddenly I not only felt good about driving the Golf, I felt relieved of a hang up. I had finally let go.
A short guide to letting go
Be alert to the problem:There are certain to be events in your past that have caused embedded feelings of regret, injustice, disappointment, even shame. They work away in the background distracting and nibbling away at your attitudes towards life.
Look out for the clues: The habits and routines that are the ways you have always done things. The mementoes of the past that on reflection you now see to connect with these events.
Create your hang ups inventory: Write them all down. When you plan to commit yourself to goals or actions then writing them down adds to their reality and the intent that you attach to them.
Have a mental de-clutter:Remember the old adage that everything starts with a thought? How you feel about anything and everything happens because of a thought. I get anxious when up a ladder because I think about falling. All those things from the past you feel angry, sad, ashamed of, tell yourself you are not going to feel that way any more. Tell yourself you are moving on.
Have a physical de-clutter:Take that hang-ups inventory you wrote out and ceremoniously throw it away. Put it through the shredder. Roll it up into a ball and chuck it over your shoulder into the wastepaper bin. Burn it on your stove. Do it with purpose and feeling!
Have a behaviour change: Change those "old way" habits and routines. Get rid of those mementos.
For many people making the rest of your life the best of your life can mean making one or two major changes.
For some, making the rest of life the best simply means letting go of things from the past.
Author Bob Howard-Spink had by his own admission been shifting careers for 40 years before realising what a life refreshing and enriching experience change is. He also admits that like many people he had viewed mid-life career change as one of those "crisis" things that people do until discovering what huge benefits it brings.
All of which inspired him to launch onwego.co.uk through which he now encourages, advises, and generally eggs on would be mid-life changers as well as connecting them with sources of help. The help ranges across career change, making the best of your free time, and personal fitness, all offered to help visitors make the rest of their life the best of their life!
For more information visit http://www.onwego.co.uk/.