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Sense Debt - What Makes You A Great Partner and How to Achieve It

One of the most important studies I undertook over a period of five years was ZEN. Ultimately, I learned the art of sitting still. I teach this art now, without the five year waiting time. It saves my clients lots of waste.
The key to ZEN is the opposite to sense debt. It's sense Credit.

In order to go into Sense Credit you need a few things:
First sit down, lie down and shut up... this is often the hardest part for those in sense debt who think the sound of their voice is a sense compensation system...Second, smell, taste, feel, see, hear everything.. just let it all in and allow your mind to explore it all.. wow... there are actually birds tweeting underneath the noise of your self talk...Third, don't move a muscle... it's about now that your nose gets itchy, your crotch needs scratching (men only) and your big toe gets a cramp. Leave it and focus on the smell, taste, feel, see, hear everything.

Eventually, you'll be able to tune into different things but the key is to not fight or apply force. Just be with the world as it is.
The temptation is to judge things.. you might hear a truck go past or your neighbour fart and give this negative spin while the sound of a bird or bee is spun positively. This is what you are aiming to overcome through Dead Practice.
(Dead practice is my name for Zen because all your body is dead during the practice)...

Now here's the pinch. Our head, our relatively over active sense debt head, is always trying to make sense of the world by thinking. So, what we do when we've been in sense debt for many years is to give everything a score. Sounds are either good or bad, smells are wonderful or digesting, sights are either for sore eyes or eye candy and touch is either pleasing or not. This is called "THE EGO."
Naturally, our obsession is to have more EGO and so we become fairy princess' looking to surround ourselves with good tastes, good sights, good smells, good feelings, good sounds.. and we become imprisoned by our conscious attempts to avoid the opposites... this is meagre living and how we survive in sense debt life.

Great leaders, artists, speakers, lovers, parents, friends, singers and actors feel everything but act on nothing. They live in sense credit. Sense credit means you think less, feel freer, enjoy life more, have an increased immune function and attract what you love.
The enemy to Sense Credit is your mind. And this mind may have very strong old habits of judgment. To deal with that, you'll need to learn how to unlearn. And that's another story...

So, that gives you some insights as to the difference between a great lover, partner, leader and an ordinary one. You see the great partner is not in sense debt, therefore they are not claiming you, and you are not claiming them for the purpose of compensating for debt.
The great partner turns up in sense credit, with their mind at rest... this in essence is how we turn up in life.

Chris Walker is a visionary business consultant and of the world's leading facilitators of Personal/Professional Development. Author, consultant and professional speaker, his considered a leader in the field of human potential and lifestyles for success. His VIP and Mastery Programs have been attended by thousands of individuals around the world seeking tools to live life and manage their careers to their fullest potential.

What Is Energetics and How Is It Different From Spirituality?

I am totally hooked on energetics. I talk about it all the time. I analyse everything that occurs from an energetic perspective. But what am I really talking about? What is Energetics and how does it differ from Spirituality?
Whenever I speak about Energetics, people immediately think of Spirituality. Most people link the two for they are both mysterious and non-physical. And yet they are very, very different.

Spirituality exists in the physical world as the belief in a force greater than physical man. It refers to the mystical world beyond the material realm, and seems to be accessed from our human hearts and minds. It has form only in so far as humanity attributes a form to the beliefs it holds. It fits into a time frame only in so far as humanity provides the frame. It is a concept created from the thoughts of humankind, even though humanity believes it is referring to something that exists beyond the material realm. Spirituality exists in the third dimension and is created there.

Energetics on the other hand, exists in the third dimension and in the other dimensions. It exists independently of humankind. I refer to the 'energy' or vibrations of life moving at a wide range of speeds, through the universe. Energetics effects humankind, but is not caused by us. When there is no form, energy remains. In reality, it is all there is - the rest of our world is an illusion, comprised of vibrations that we, as a species, have agreed to condense into all of the so-called material forms of our lives.
Once we accept that everything is made up of moving waves of energy, coalesced into forms, shapes, ideas and beliefs, through consensus reality - the entire world changes. We become truly powerful co-creators of our reality, rather than the mere recipients of all that unfolds in our lives.

So, what happens to spirituality? We cling it to it as the last vestige of the old world, because it is more real, more physical, and more comfortable to us than this new, ever-changing world of vibrations and frequencies. It's no wonder that most everyone I speak to, shifts to the concept of spirituality. We can understand spirituality. It is a framework we know. It helps us wrap our minds around the mysteries of life. Energetics - now that is something totally different.
What would life be like if there was nothing but energy - no form, no time, no bodies, no tables, no things? Why is it relevant to even ask this question? I believe we are moving into such a world, a world that is more vibratory and less physical. A world in which we will still have our human bodies, but they will be lighter, less dense, with more spaces between the molecules, and comprised of faster and faster vibratory patterns. Beings like that have existed in our world in the past, and they exist now. They are often referred to as enlightened beings or masters. They are considered the exception, rather than the norm. We are now moving into a world where they may be the norm.

It is for that reason that I draw the distinction between Energetics and Spirituality - to alert you to the journey upon which we are all embarking. The vibrations of the earth are speeding up. The only way we, humankind, can continue to live on the earth, is to match our vibrations to hers as best we can. This process of adapting or allowing our vibrations to become resonant with the earth's new vibration is evolution.

Some may call this process enlightenment or ascension. I call it evolution -'energetic evolution'. It doesn't really matter what label is attributed to the shift. What is crucial is that you accept, not resist the changes. The universe is standing by to assist you, but cannot do so without your permission. Whether that help is in the form of spirit guides, ascended masters, the angelic realm, the archangels, Buddha, Mary, Jesus or your deceased relatives, open to them, and trust that whatever unfolds is perfect, and will lead to a better world.

Energetics or the study of the vibrations of life, will give you all the information you need to navigate and thrive in the new world today, in 2012 and beyond.

Elaine Seiler is an Author, Facilitator, and Coach, specializing in the field of Energetics. She is a conduit for other dimensional energy, thereby catalysing the transformation and evolution of everything in her field, and the awakening the innate gifts of multi-dimensionality in her associates and clients.
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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

The Coward Dies a Thousand Times, the Brave Man Only Once (Viking Proverb)

People rarely believe me when I say I used to have heaps of Anger, but it's true - so true that it completely obscured some of the other interesting things going on in my head...
As Anger spent less and less time living with me it became clear that I had another unwelcome flatmate, far less obvious but equally draining of my resources: Fear. Now, when I was angry people noticed, but because I've always had a more positive can-do attitude than the general average, my Fear is not something that I got(/get?) feedback on. A pity - it would have been handy to know.
So what is Fear? How does it manifest? It's certainly an area which has attracted a lot of attention in the world of self-development, and quite rightly so.

Now some of you might be saying, oh yes, but what about the awesome popular quote "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"? As I've written elsewhere, I see this (fairly...) empowering statement as second best. And second best is what you get if you don't aim for best.
Best is to realise that you can let go of Fear, and that means to understand what it is, and how it operates. Fear is the belief that something "bad" will, or (more usually) might, happen. And that this is a problem.
Sometimes this sort of fear is about something quite likely - if your boss likes shouting at people and you've just stuffed up, what you fear is a distinct possibility! Other fears definitely concern stuff in the "better not go outside today - a satellite might land on my head" category.

My recommendation is not to chip hopefully away at Fear of Satellite-Induced Head Injury Syndrome, but to jump in at the deep end. Yes it's probably going to happen, yes it'll be a whole heap of unFun, but yes, I have all the resources I need to come through in one piece, probably stronger and happier for it!
I frequently visit India. Some people fear India, believing that it's a filthy dirty place full of poor people and beggars, a place where you'll wait for hours (or days) for late trains, be given wrong directions, catch numerous diseases, slip on cow shit, and not be able to get a decent latte.

And when people ask me what India is like, I typically tell them exactly that (it's true, after all...) but with a huge smile that says "and that's not something to be worried about, but can be heaps of fun to embrace". And then I usually say "You should go - it's great!" Which it really really is. Not just because of the bits I didn't mention (architecture food scenery culture people...) but because I know I have the resources needed to deal with the less fun things, and because I believe one of the best favours I can do someone is to encourage them to discover that they do too.
Do it anyway, certainly.
But scrap the Fear.

Live the difference Life Coaching is based in Melbourne which offers transformational one-on-one coaching both face-to-face and on the phone. People come from all walks of life and live in and around Melbourne, interstate and overseas. Visit for more information on Life Coach

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Preparing For Battle

The following is a powerful story that was shared by Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International.
A particular student in the class always took the stance of challenging things that were being shared in the class regardless of what was being said. This student had a difficult time being in a peaceful place. Before he arrived to class one day, the other students expressed their frustration and concern to Reverend Beckwith asking if he would do something about the student's behavior when he came into the classroom.
Instead of agreeing with them he said, "He's going to be a better minister than all of you anyway." Needless to say, they didn't particularly like hearing this and argued with him for a bit until he pointed out how they are all in this student's energy not only when he walks into the room, but even when he's not in the room." Reverend Beckwith went on to say, "He sweeps you up into his energy and you're not strong enough to stand in your own energy. He's stronger than you are."
He suggested that they simply think about what the student is saying the next time he speaks and embrace it with love, joy and peace, and radiate that back out to him. They agreed to do this and when the gentleman came into the room he started his usual challenging behavior. They all just listened from a place of interest without needing to argue back. They just allowed him to have his say and he ended up getting so upset when no one would argue with him, that he ran out of the classroom.
A few minutes later he returned and began to cry. Reverend Beckwith shared in the sermon, "He was brought up with a lot of abuse in his life, and was very comfortable with conflict and people not liking him. He could come into a room and immediately create home for himself."
To him, home meant conflict.
This story touched me deeply because I have worked with many clients over the years who felt the need to always argue various points I would share with them during our sessions. Understanding that this was coming from a place they were not even aware of yet, I simply held the space for them to be as they were until they felt safe to do something different. Eventually, they came to realize how they've been holding themselves back because they needed to argue for their limitations and stay close to home since it was where they were most comfortable. What transpired from their awareness was the ability to develop unconditional love for themselves and to put down the baggage they were holding onto so tightly, freeing themselves from a lifetime of burden.
Perhaps you know people in your life who are prepared for battle and challenge everything you say only to find yourself participating in their battle and kicking yourself afterwards for doing so. I invite you to lay down your sword and consider that there's more to their battle than you know. Open yourself up to allow them to have their say without needing to defend or convince or prove otherwise. Don't get pulled into their energy. Have enough faith in your own truth that you can maintain it, even when being challenged, and still honor another's position.
If after reading this, you recognize you're the one who often challenges everything others are saying, then take a moment to look into your past and see where that might have been taught to you. What are you protecting yourself from by being prepared for battle? What are you most afraid of by not being prepared for battle? What would happen if you felt a deep resonance with something someone said and made the choice to agree with it and not run from it?
Again, I encourage you to lay down your sword, as well and consider the questions I've asked. Allow for the possibility of inviting peace into your life and having a direct experience with that peaceful state and free yourself from the need for inner and outer battle.
With Blessings,
Linda Salazar is an in-demand speaker, scientific hand reading analyst, Certified Life Coach, and author primarily helping women stand up for themselves, speak their truth and who are in midlife facing a spiritual or life changing crisis.
As the founder of Awaken The Genie Within® Coaching, Linda helps clients divine a deeper wisdom with exercises and a method of scientific hand reading analysis that awakens their internal genies to embrace their positive traits, while subduing their inner gremlins which stop them from all they can achieve.

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Angels - Archangel Zerachiel Will Help You Trust the Process

As with all things, all experiences there are many facets providing you with several choices. Trusting that you are in alignment with all you seek, with all you desire is paramount as you travel the path before you.
Trusting the process sounds simple. It is simple. It is not always easy to implement because there are many distractions along the way both in front of you and also behind you. How can something that is now behind you distract you from moving forward?
Think about it for a moment. Do you relieve memories both positive and negative? How about conversations you wish you had or wish they had gone differently? Perhaps there is a situation that you feel may have had a different outcome if you had only done or not done something.
The truth is, there is no going backwards in time, not in linear time. You can go back to that moment, to that experience, to that conversation and re-frame it so that you heal, forgive and release you and all concerned.
If you are prone to worrying about what might or might not happen in the next hour, day, week, month or even the next year, how will you possibly be able to fully live what is happening in your life now?
How do you reach through the fear of not knowing what will happen or not happen? You breathe; you move forward one step at a time. You commit to you and your dreams. You face the horror of having to change something or many things in your life.
Do you actually, trust that all you have requested is being made manifest in to physical form? Or do you say you are working the process only to cast doubt, project fear and continue to harbor feelings of being unworthy of committing to taking action.
A Message from Archangel Zerachiel
Trust the process this day and all days. All is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time. Appearances are perceptions veiled by that which have come before. Open you to all that awaits you with open arms, an open heart and mind; opening your Soul to the Creator of All That Is. Be aware of that which makes its presence known to you. Be aware of that which attempts to distract you from your path, from your life's purpose. There are many choices before you. How do you choose wisely? Discernment is the key to all that lay before you this moment. Breathe deeply, listen, and be open to that which is gifted to you. In stepping forward upon the path, know all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with your will for your Life's Purpose and for your journey in the Earthly realm. There are no mistakes; things, people, places, experiences simply coincide one with the other assisting you along the way. Breathe beloved child, for there is only love and light before you. There is only love and light which surrounds you. There is only love and light within you. Breathe.
Change is something many say they want yet feel paralyzed about tacking action. Here is something to consider. If you remain where you are, absolutely nothing changes. If you change nothing you are committing you to a life of not being where you want to be.
What are you willing to do to create change in your life today?
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