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Have You Forgotten Who You Actually Are?

Hey girl,
Aren't you sometimes puzzled by the question "Who am I?" or better "Who have I turned into? and "I don't recognize myself anymore"? Do you also think that sometimes you have forgotten who you actually are? The world is getting too fast. Too many deadlines. People don't have time any more. Are you one of them?
Admit. You have also forgotten who you are. Let me ask you a simple question. Who are you girl? If you have started with name and surname - FORGET it. That's just administration! If you have continued with your date and place of birth. WRONG again. That's simple NOT you. Too many people have the same date and place of birth.
You may begin with "I'm a home-stay mom who is taking care of 3 beautiful kids". Or, I'm working in counseling agency (for example). I'm good in Word and Excel. I'm married for god know how many years to a man I've fallen in love with once upon a time.
If you have started your answer like that, it means that YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.
It's SO easy to forget who are actually are in this world. BUT, there is a light. You need yourself back. REAL you.
Go through these simple questions. DON'T try to FIX yourself. Just READ. Look into YOURSELF. FORGET that you are a daughter, mother, grand-mom, aunt, colleague, best friend. TRY to remember YOURSELF only!
Give YOURSELF time
It's not easy to find the forgotten yourself when you are overcrowded with bunch of stuff. Find a moment. Each day. At least a moment. That moment will be YOURS. ONLY. Not for cooking. Not for your husband. Not for your beautiful kids. You will keep your husband happy by keeping yourself as individual.
It can be the period when you take a shower. The shower IS NOT just for cleaning. It's not just something you NEED to do. Enjoy water. Clear thoughts. Detoxify your mind.
Have Breakfast
First, no one can think on empty stomach. Even though you don't have a habit of breakfast - EAT something. Take a small bite. Chew. Slowly. Take an orange juice before the day takes you away. The world WILL survive if you take an easy coffee in the morning.
Things You Simply Adore
This is the main question. You can't remember any more what you like. Have you forgotten who you actually are? Find things you like to do for YOURSELF. And yourself ONLY. That doesn't mean you don't love others. That means you love YOURSELF. Just the way you are.
Let Go Of The Need To Be Loved
We all want to be loved and that's normal. When you truly care and love someone, it will come back to you. A loving solo will have no problem reaching other loving solo. Don't forget who you actually are and who are the people you love. DON'T waste your time on others people opinion. There always be someone who doesn't like you. Have you forgotten who you actually are because of some random people who don't know you?
Take It Simple
It might sound silly, but with so many thing on our minds,, it's no wonder we are confused. No wonder we forget someone's birthday or favorite song. Take one step at the time. Take the steps YOU CHOOSE. Steps YOU would like to make. Life if full of dead ends. Face it one at the time.
No Substitution
No drugs. Antidepressants won't bring the joy back. Be aware of alcohol. Stay away from junk food. It won't substitute anything! Have you forgotten who you actually are and that when you were little none of these things were needed?
Searching yourself is a process. The most important is the first step. YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE IT.
Susan (43) and her neighbor are sharing truth stories how to keep husband happy and interested! Give yourself a second honeymoon by applying these advices. They know how because they have succeed it!
Become a real lady and keep your husband interested!

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